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Claims Manager

$85,000 to $125,000


Unit (Divisional) Claims Managers

$70,000 to $95,000


Claims Supervisors Any line

$45,000 to $75,000


General Adjusters

$70,000 to $110,000


Property General Adjusters

$65,000 to $125,000


Property Field Adjusters

$42,000 to $67,000


Property Contents Specialists

$40,000 to $65,000


Property Inside Adjusters

$35,000 to $60,000


Litigation Specialists

$48,000 to $72,000


Casualty Specialists

$48,000 to $67,000

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Employers:  saves you money!
  ProCareers actually saves you money.  Our pre-screening and candidate resources saves your company thousands of dollars.  Avoid running costly want-ads.  Reduce vacancy rates.  Hire the employees likely to stay the longest and work the hardest.      
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We place candidates only with the Best Companies:  The names of the companies with available positions will be shared with interested candidates only.  By law, we cannot advertise their names on our web page.  We will share them with candidates who are interested in our services after hearing the job description.

Don't leave your future to chance!  We only place candidates with the best companies! 

Company #1


A new leader among insurance companies. This newly combined organization places a high priority on internal satisfaction as part of its plan for complete policyholder customer service. 

Company #2

Many changes have occurred within the Independent Adjusting Company. This group has offices throughout the US, and offers one of the finest work environments and compensation packages available within this industry

Company #3

One of the steadiest carriers in recent times. This client has become a home to many who enjoy the companies philosophy.

Company #4

A leader in the auto insurance market. This company has grown tremendously over the past few years. Their 24-hour customer service is second to none. Much opportunity for growth is available to the aggressive candidate.

Company #5

A mid sized company with strong training and a bench mark approach to claims.

Company #6

A long time leader in the industry. Currently undertaking a revitalizing reorganization including modern systems and a new emphasis on effective work environments and expansion.

Company #7 For employees who want stability and growth, this carrier has it all. 

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